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27th September, 2022

The role of CT scanning in helping to determine cause of death.

Images pro­duced by CT scan­ners pro­vide valu­able sup­port to Foren­sic Pathol­o­gists as they inves­ti­gate the clin­i­cal caus­es of deaths referred to the NSW Coroner.

Under the NSW Coro­ners Act, post-mortem exam­i­na­tions must be con­duct­ed using the least inva­sive meth­ods and the work of foren­sic radi­og­ra­phers and radi­ol­o­gists may, in some cas­es, reveal the cause of death with­out the need for more inva­sive procedures.

In this video, foren­sic pathol­o­gist Dr Allan Cala and foren­sic radi­og­ra­ph­er Tony Bux­ton dis­cuss the val­ue of CT scan­ning for foren­sic medicine.

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