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5th December, 2023

Will Japanese encephalitis return this summer?

The last two summers have been swarming with mosquitoes thanks to near constant rain and flooding brought on by La Niña. With the return of El Niño, and a hot,….

20th November, 2023

Overdoses linked to illicit vape juice

NSW Health has issued a community drug alert after at least three overdoses, including one death, were linked to potent opioids in black market vape juice used for refillable vapes.….

15th November, 2023

Boosting organ donations through lifesaving screening

NSW Health Pathology’s Nucleic Acid Testing Laboratory has won a NSW Premier’s Award for a unique collaboration that provides 24/7 screening of donor organs for infectious diseases. The team was….

14th November, 2023

Construction starts on Dubbo pathology laboratory

The Dubbo community is a step closer to a new, expanded NSW Health Pathology laboratory, with construction work now underway on the $6 million facility. The project will deliver a….

13th November, 2023

Training the next generation of pathology collectors

Meet Claire Padgett. A pathology collections trainer who works on the NSW Central Coast, ensuring our collectors are providing the best possible care. Claire has worked for NSW Health Pathology….

8th November, 2023

How COVID challenged us and what lies ahead

On International Pathology Day, NSW Health Pathology’s A/Director of Public Health Pathology Dr Catherine Pitman and her colleagues consider the impact of climate change on the spread of disease and….

7th November, 2023

Genomic testing: shining a light on breast cancer risk

NSW Health Pathology’s Cancer Genomics Service offers genetic testing to provide accurate cancer diagnosis’ and help treating clinicians select the most effective treatment for their patients. Genomics can also predict….

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