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28th September, 2023

Drug alert for high dose ‘Gucci’ MDMA tablets

Our Forensic & Analytical Science Service (FASS) has played a key role in alerting the community to the dangers posed by high dose MDMA tablets, recently seized by NSW Police.….

27th September, 2023

Our key role in PrOSPeCT

NSW Health Pathology staff are playing a key role in a new study aimed at opening up new, potentially life-saving treatment pathways for more than 23,000 Australians with rare, difficult-to-treat….

25th September, 2023

Nitazene drug warnings prompt action from TGA

The work of NSW Health Pathology’s Forensic & Analytical Science Service laboratories has been recognised by Australia’s health watchdog, as it moves to restrict the use of a dangerous class….

21st September, 2023

Exciting PrOSPeCTs for precision cancer treatments

A new study is underway aimed at getting thousands of Australian cancer patients onto potentially life-saving clinical trials and providing precision oncology treatments, with NSW Health Pathology’s Statewide Genomics Sequencing….

13th September, 2023

Meet Hayley – experienced pathology collector

Hayley Byatt has been with NSW Health Pathology for 5 years, but working in pathology for more than 20 years. I’m a "Phlebotomist", though no one calls us that nowadays  ….

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