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Statewide Pricing Guideline

To deliver better services and outcomes, NSW Health Pathology has developed a standardised approach to pricing pathology services for external research, across all NSW.

Our pricing model provides indicative pricing for NSW Health Pathology services to non-NSW Health Pathology research. The pricing is broken down into:

  1. Non-commercial research – unavoidable cost recovery
  2. Commercial research – full cost recovery for all activity surrounding the service.

In cases where NSW Health Pathology is a collaborating partner, or NSW Health Pathology employees are involved as an investigator in a research project, NSW Health Pathology views this as a research collaboration, not services for research.

For research collaborations, a NSW Health Pathology investigator must be added to the research ethics application (through REGIS) listing the site as NSW Health Pathology. This will create a site-specific assessment form for NSW Health Pathology’s research governance office. For further information, visit our Research Governance page.

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