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Pre and Post-Analytics

This is the process that happens before and after specimens reach our labs for testing, providing vital links between pathology requests, diagnostic testing and results.

About our Pre and Post-Analytics Pathology service

Our pre and post-analytics service begins when a clinician orders a pathology test. We accept pathology request forms from all providers so you can choose the collection service you want.

We follow best practice patient care to collect the right specimens and transport them safely to our laboratories where they’re prepared for diagnostic testing.

Following our clinical investigation, we then deliver test results quickly and securely to clinicians, so they can make the best possible decisions for their patients.

This service is critical for the safe and efficient operation of all we do.

Service overview

We provide a secure, continuous care from the time our collectors meet you and take responsibility of your specimen, until your result is delivered to your doctor.

Pre-analytical services 

Our pathology collection, courier and central specimen reception (CSR) teams manage all our pre-testing processes.

Post-analytical services 

These teams ensure the safe delivery of your test results to your doctor and health care teams.

Customer service teams provide advice to patients, consumers and referrers. Others work with community groups to inform and support initiatives for better patient care.

Collection services

Specimen collection is usually our first point of contact with patients, families and carers.


  • provide collections in hospitals, community centres and in patients’ homes, ensuring equity of access to public pathology services across NSW,
  • operate over 150 collection centres within hospital campuses as well as in the community, and
  • accept pathology request forms from all providers.

Our highly skilled and experienced collection staff can advise you of any pre-collection requirements or appointment bookings and will work with you to meet your needs.

Find out more and look up your local collection centre.

Find out more about some of our most common pathology tests.

NSWHP Test Catalogue

Our Test Catalogue helps your health care team select the right test and collection centre for your needs.

It gives your clinician important diagnostic information about your test to share with you.

This may include guidance on collection methods, specimen transport and handling, or pre-test preparation such as fasting requirements.

Specimen tracking

akuna is the most accurate, comprehensive electronic specimen tracking system in the world.

We built it to manage the safe and timely transport of your specimens to our laboratories where they are tested.

It lets us track where your specimen is at every step of its journey.


Our systems deliver fast and reliable test results to clinicians in hospital or community settings, allowing timely patient care.

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