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NSW Health Pathology provides clinical pathology, forensic, environmental and research services for the NSW Health and Justice systems and other clients.

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There are several areas of pathology practice, related either to the methods used to test tissue samples or to the type of diseases being investigated.

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Public Health

A statewide service delivering a coordinated response for all NSW notifiable diseases in collaboration with the NSW Ministry of Health.

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About our services

Clinical pathology services

Our clinical pathology services are a crucial part of healthcare teams in our public hospitals and the community. We use advanced science and technology to test pathology samples – blood, urine, DNA, etc – to help healthcare teams prevent, detect and monitor health conditions.

Our expert clinical and scientific teams specialise in chemical pathology, haematology, transfusion, anatomical pathology, microbiology, immunology and genomics and genetics.

Forensic & Analytical Science Service (FASS)

Our Forensic medicine teams provide coronial autopsies and care for families after the unexpected or unexplained death of a loved one. Forensic science teams provide the timely, expert analysis of evidence and illicit substances for NSW Police and other investigators. Environmental Microbiology & Toxicology teams provide water testing for local councils, public health units, NSW Roads and Maritime, and e-cigarette testing for NSW Health.

Services for Healthcare Professionals

NSW Health Pathology offers a range of services beyond our clinical diagnostic services to support health professionals in caring for people at all stages of life, right across the state.

Five statewide services


We’re proud to operate the NSW Health Statewide Biobank which enables world-class health and medical research.

Public Health

Public Health Pathology is our newest statewide service, dedicated to protecting the health of our communities. It investigates the outbreak of notifiable and emerging diseases, supports emergency preparedness, and more.

Point of Care Testing

We operate the world’s largest accredited and managed point of care technology (PoCT) service, with more than 600 mobile pathology devices delivering instant results from body fluid specimens for patients and clinicians in 180 NSW hospitals.


NSW Health Pathology Genomics pools our expertise into a coordinated diagnostics and care service for patients. Our pathologists and scientists develop faster, more efficient tests for an ever-expanding range of genes linked to hereditary conditions including cancer, heart disease, developmental delay in children, and more.

Perinatal Postmortem

The NSW Perinatal Postmortem Service supports NSW families affected by the death of a child shortly before or after birth. Expert non-coronial perinatal postmortem services and a range of ancillary tests performed by credentialed perinatal pathologists are available at Westmead, Randwick and Newcastle.

Research services

End-to-end research services from Australia’s largest public pathology and forensic provider.

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