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1st December, 2022

Genomic sequencing unlocks streamlined HIV care

In an Australian first, NSW Health Pathology is pioneering the use of whole genome sequencing to more efficiently match people living with HIV with the antiviral drugs most likely to….

21st November, 2022

Exploring AI’s powerful role in pathology

In Associate Professor Ewan Millar’s vision for the future of pathology in NSW, the skills, experience and expertise of Anatomical Pathologists is backed by powerful technology. In the near future,….

9th November, 2022

Forbes, floods and going the extra mile

With the current flooding situation, we’re thinking of the Forbes community who are doing it tough right now. A special shout out to our resilient pathology staff at Forbes who….

7th November, 2022

Grasping leadership outside the laboratory

Louise Carey, a cytogeneticist at NSW Health Pathology’s Randwick laboratory, has been awarded the 2022 Royal College of Pathologists of Australia (RCPA) Bev Rowbotham Pathology Leaders Award, encouraging her to….

2nd November, 2022

2022 NSW Health Pathology Awards

Our 2022 NSW Health Pathology Awards was well worth the wait. With 200 guests in the room on Wednesday 26 October, and many more tuning into our live stream, the….

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