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We are only ever as good as our people. NSW Health Pathology is built on the strong foundation of our passionate, diverse workforce and delivering specialist public pathology and forensic services our communities and partners rely on.

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Life at NSW Health Pathology

NSW Health Pathology fosters a work culture that puts people first. Our staff have a shared understanding and passion that makes our workforce inclusive, respectful, progressive, fun, nurturing and enjoyable.

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We offer a wide range of career opportunities that nurture your expertise and create a pathway for continual growth and development.

Five reasons to work at NSW Health Pathology

1. We contribute to better health and justice systems

We’re Australia’s largest public pathology service. It means we’re not for profit – we’re for all of us. It’s more than just a job … we help keep people safe and healthy from before birth until death.

That’s why we’re the preferred provider and commissioner of pathology for the NSW Health system and trusted partner to the Justice system for our independent forensic and analytical services.

Careers with us can lead to new cancer treatments and shield us from future pandemics; help Police to solve crimes or find cause of death for the Coroner and bereaved families.

2. Innovation is part of our every day

We have a pioneering culture that supports and rewards innovation. Dynamic public health and forensics challenges are our catalyst for innovation, from new pathology tests and ICT solutions to logistics and more human-centred care.

We are acknowledged by Harvard Business Review and recognised by Microsoft as one of Australia’s most innovative organisations.

3. A statewide operation with international reputation

Our labs and collection centres are located across a state four times the size of the UK, offering more access to diverse roles, opportunities and world-class expertise.

This statewide footprint creates the rare opportunity to work at the grassroots of the local community you live in while being a part of a statewide team. You can live and work in the city or the country, the beach, bush or even the Outback.

We’re also a proud diverse and inclusive employer of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and LGBTQIA+ people.

4. The forefront of emerging technologies and fields

We stay ahead of the curve to provide extraordinary public pathology and forensics services.

From whole genome sequencing to track pathogens to mitochondrial DNA testing to identity human remains when traditional DNA analysis isn’t possible – we’re not only doing it, but already looking ahead to what’s next.

We offer careers at the vanguard of emerging fields like precision medicine, backed by our renowned genomics expertise and fearless exploration of new digital and other technologies.

5. Meaningful research with impact

We’re excited to discover and develop new tests and technologies to improve people’s health and safety.

We support aspiring and ambitious researchers and partner with real people and communities in need to solve the health and justice challenges that matter to them.

This public duty to translational research means our scientific discoveries moves rapidly from the laboratory to patients and their treating teams, and to the community in prevention of crime and disease.

We offer so much more than just a job

There is always something going on in pathology and forensics with careers that:

  • grow your expertise
  • develop your understanding of our health and justice systems
  • create opportunities for you to enhance the services we deliver, and
  • let you collaborate, create and contribute to the lives of our patients, partners and communities.

When you work with us, every role is important and helps make a difference to the health and safety of the people of NSW. This includes:

  • couriers
  • blood collectors
  • scientific officers
  • technical officers
  • administrative staff
  • staff specialists
  • forensic pathologists
  • anatomical pathologists
  • ICT specialists
  • DevOps (developments and operations to deliver applications and services faster than traditional software development processes)
  • corporate and executive positions, and more.

A career with us at NSW Health Pathology could be waiting for you.


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