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Chemical Pathology

Our chemical pathologists analyse chemicals in our body fluids and tissues to help diagnose and manage disease. They play a unique dual-role of doctor-scientist, looking at changes in human body chemistry for screening, diagnosis, prognosis and management.

About our Chemical Pathology service

Chemical pathologists have complex clinical and laboratory skills needed to perform biochemical tests on human body fluids and tissues.

They examine blood, tissues and urine, and other body fluids such as cerebrospinal fluid.

Changes in enzymes, proteins, electrolytes and other substances in these fluids and tissues give clues they need to diagnose illness and recommend patient care and treatment.

Service overview

Chemical pathology underpins the care and management of many common conditions:

  • High blood glucose levels can mean diabetes.
  • Elevated troponin enzyme can indicate recent or current heart attack.
  • Measuring proteins in cancer tumours can determine if treatments are working.

Our chemical pathology teams help diagnose:

  • infertility
  • Cystic Fibrosis in newborns
  • kidney failure
  • high cholesterol
  • viral and bacterial infection
  • thyroid issues and more.

They also perform therapeutic drug monitoring and screen for illegal drug use.

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To learn more about pathology, visit the Know Pathology, Know Healthcare website:

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Dr. Margaret Janu
Dr. Margaret Janu

Local Pathology Director, Sydney (Concord Hospital), Clinical Stream Lead, Chemical Pathology Clinical Stream

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