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Our pathology labs are where samples are processed. To have a pathology test taken, go to our Find a Collection Centre page.


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Related Services

Anatomical Pathology

Our anatomical pathologists examine biopsies and specimens of tissue and cells taken from patients to diagnose a wide variety of diseases, including cancer.

Chemical Pathology

Our chemical pathologists play a unique dual role of medical scientist and doctor, studying changes in human body chemistry to diagnose disease and even detect illegal drug use.


Our haematologists help diagnose and treat blood diseases and cancers.


Our immunologists help us better understand and treat diseases of the human immune system.


Our microbiologists and virologists are critical to NSW public health and emergency responses to pathogen-borne disease, and their expertise is recognised world-wide.

Pre and Post-Analytical

This is the process that happens before and after specimens reach our labs for testing, providing vital links between pathology requests, diagnostic testing and results.


Our transfusion service is critical to the operation of emergency and in-patient care across NSW.

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