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Pathology at the patient’s side.

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About our Point of Care Testing service

We manage the largest accredited Point of Care Testing (PoCT) service in the world, with more than 1080 devices in 190 health services across NSW.

PoCT uses mobile devices to analyse pathology samples, like blood and saliva, and provide on-the-spot results at a patient’s hospital bedside or in the community.

Samples are processed instantly, rather than transported to a lab for testing, delivering accurate results in minutes to inform clinical decision-making and improve patient care and outcomes.

Service overview

We’re leading a new era in pathology technology using PoCT to enhance patient care across NSW.


Results in real time

Samples are processed instantly, with results encrypted and securely uploaded to the patient’s electronic medical record for immediate access by clinicians.

Helping rural and regional patients

PoCT enables greater access to quality, reliable pathology tests for patients without the need for travel.

It means health services without access to 24/7 laboratories can perform key, sometimes lifesaving, pathology tests at any time.

Patients requiring critical care can be identified earlier and transported to larger hospitals if needed. Paramedics can decide where to transport a patient, based on the diagnosis and treatment needed. Unnecessary hospital transfers and admissions can be reduced, improving patient experience.

Supporting emergency and intensive care

PoCT supports the diagnosis of conditions including:

  • COVID-19
  • heart disease
  • kidney damage
  • sepsis, and
  • diabetes.

It’s used in emergency departments, cardiac theatres, intensive care units and specialty medical facilities. In the future, many more locations will have PoCT.

Our PoCT team continually trials new and emerging technology.

We are committed to supporting Local Health District clinical staff. We ensure they have the resources, training and support they need to correctly and confidently integrate PoCT into their daily work.


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Ms Gayle Warnock
Ms Gayle Warnock

Associate Director, Point of Care Testing

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Ms Jackie Wright

PoCT Service Support Officer

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