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Our haematologists help diagnose and treat blood diseases and cancers.

About our Haematology Pathology service

Skilled technical, scientific and medical staff provide our Haematology services.

Our pathologists are experts in diagnostics and often dual-trained specialist clinicians, researchers and academics.

Haematologists are involved in laboratory testing related to diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring.

They provide clinical advice and treatment directly to patients and help other clinicians as a valuable resource for expert medical advice. Our Haematology teams provide services ranging from:

  • Routine tests like full blood counts, performed at all laboratories to
  • Highly specialised bone marrow transplant, provided in larger tertiary hospitals.

Service overview

NSW Health Pathology’s Haematology service is critical to patients, clinicians and hospitals across NSW and has subspecialty areas including:

  • Routine Haematology – high throughput testing like full blood counts and malaria screening
  • Coagulation – investigating bleeding disorders and thrombotic conditions (tests include Thrombophilia screening or factor deficiencies, as well as monitoring patient’s anticoagulant therapy, critical for snake bite)
  • Flow Cytometry – identifying cells based on specific characteristics, used for identification of leukaemias or lymphomas
  • Genetic testing – used in the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma
  • Haemoglobinopathy studies – used in the diagnosis of thalassaemia
  • Haematology support for bone marrow transplant and organ transplantation.

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To learn more about pathology, visit the Know Pathology, Know Healthcare website:

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