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Seeking Ethics Approval

Our Process

Our research governance office oversees all research projects to make sure every project has appropriate ethics approval.

Follow this process to seek research ethics approval:

1. Register your research project via the NSW Health Research Ethics and Governance Information System (REGIS)

Coordinating principal investigators:

  • hold primary responsibility for the entire project (and responsibility of the project at their research site) and
  • need to complete a Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) and a Site-Specific Application (SSA).

Principal investigators:

  • Hold responsibility for the project at the research site only and
  • need to complete a Site-Specific Application (SSA). An SSA also needs to be completed by the NSW Health Pathology investigator on your research project.

2. Submit your Human Research Ethics Application (HREA)

  • Submit the application via REGIS to an NHMRC-certified Human Research Ethics Committee.
  • Add all investigators including their sites (each new site will auto-generate an SSA).
  • Ensure the NSWHP employee has their 'site' listed as NSWHP.

3. Complete your Research Governance Site-Specific Assessment (SSA)

  • Complete the SSA for your site.
  • Direct the NSWHP co-investigator to complete the SSA (they should have received an automatic email notification from REGIS).
  • The NSWHP investigator will need to send the SSA for pre-approval to their local laboratory manager(s) and clinical director(s). Evidence of approval must accompany their SSA application. NSWHP staff can find more information here (please note, this link is for NSWHP employees only).

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