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Anatomical Pathology Training Program

Australia’s most comprehensive training program for anatomical pathologists.

NSW Health Pathology is committed to attracting, training and retaining the next generation of anatomical pathologists (APs).

The NSW Anatomical Pathology Training Program employs the most AP trainee medical officers in Australia.

We partner with the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, other NSW Health agencies and private pathology providers to give our trainees access to high quality training across a range of facilities and services.

Know a junior medical officer (JMO) who’d make a great anatomical pathologist?

Anatomical Pathology training takes five years for doctors to complete and the NSW training program is one of the most comprehensive in Australia.

We employ approximately 120 junior doctors each year in trainee medical officer positions across NSW, mostly in AP.

We recently added resident medical officer (RMO) positions to give junior doctors a 12-week experience in AP before they embark on their pathology career via the Annual Medical Recruitment process.

Anatomical Pathology Meet and Greet

More than 100 participants attend our annual NSW Health Pathology Anatomical Pathology Meet and Greet recruitment and information event.

Current trainees, hospital interns and residents, medical students, the NSW Ministry of Health, HealthShare NSW and others come together online and in-person to learn more about exciting career opportunities on offer in AP.

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Dr. Michael Whiley
Dr. Michael Whiley

Chief Pathologist and Director of Medical Services

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Dr. Lisa Parker
Dr. Lisa Parker

Anatomical Pathology Training Coordinator

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