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About Us

We’re proud to be Australia’s largest public pathology and forensic & analytical science service, employing more than 5,000 staff.

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About Us

Our experts help protect the health and safety of our communities right across NSW and beyond by finding the answers that matter. We care, connect and pioneer.

We perform over 100,000 clinical and scientific investigations each day across our 60 laboratories and 150-plus collection centres.

We also play a critical role in research and public health and safety, including the statewide and global response to COVID-19.

Did you know we:

  • Perform 100,000 clinical and scientific investigations each day?
  • Help identify missing persons and bring closure to grieving families using expert DNA and other forensic analysis?
  • Test half of all COVID-19 swabs collected in NSW?
  • Grew the live SARS-CoV-2 virus from infected patient samples, sequenced the coronavirus genome and pioneered COVID-19 serology testing?
  • Identify emerging illicit drugs and drug trends and help develop early warning systems that can save lives?
  • Seventy percent of medical decisions rely on pathology?
  • One in every two Australians had a pathology test last year?

There from the beginning to end of life

Our pathologists are medically-trained doctors who work in public hospitals and modern laboratories alongside scientists, technicians and other support staff. They quickly and accurately test specimens so clinical teams can make the best possible treatment decisions for patients.

World-class forensic science and medicine

Our Forensic & Analytical Science Service (FASS) provides independent, objective analysis in a range of specialised fields for our state’s health and criminal justice systems.

Specialised expertise

We also operate five statewide services:

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