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Our Purpose & Values

NSW Health Pathology is committed to its purpose of creating better health and justice systems.

We care, connect and pioneer.

We are united by a strong commitment to the values we set ourselves – Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence – which guide our daily interactions and behaviours.

Our Purpose

Creating better health and justice systems

  • We are proud to help protect and enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of our communities at all stages of life
  • We are trusted partners committed to excellence in quality, safety and innovation in all we do
  • We lead the way in training, education, research and policy creation to meet the diverse, evolving needs of our communities
  • Working as one team, we are united by our culture and values – Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence
  • We have strong foundations as reliable, accountable and credible stewards of community resources.

We listen, learn, adapt and deliver better outcomes.

  • Together with our partners, consumers, clients and staff we continually rethink and shape our services to improve access, safety, outcomes and experience
  • We see out opportunities to connect our partners and communities to more integrated care, meaningful data and better outcomes
  • We take on challenges that matter to our communities in genuine partnership with those who deliver and rely on our services
  • We analyse and use our data to create connections to better ways of working for the system
  • We drive new outcomes by combining our humanity and expertise with emerging science, technology and medicine to continually improve what we do.

We have the courage and conviction to discover new and better services.

  • We set the standard of pathology and forensic services, breaking new ground to advance new knowledge, skills and expertise
  • We are a learning organisation helping develop next-generation capabilities and services
  • We are agile and robust in our approach to innovation and research, translating discoveries into practice
  • We provide reliable services for today’s communities while always pursuing, testing and adopting new models for future generations
  • We promote a culture of innovation, trust and continual learning where curiosity and questions are not just encouraged by expected.

We put people at the centre of all we do.

  • Our strong commitment to care, compassion and response sets us apart as experts in pathology and forensics
  • We strive for clinical and scientific excellence, treating every person, sample and result with utmost care
  • We strive for equal access to our life-changing and life-saving clinical and scientific services irrespective of culture, age, background or location
  • We care about our people, cultivating a culture or curiosity, creativity and collaboration to help them realise their potential and achieve better outcomes for our communities.

Our Values


We all deserve it.

We treat our patients, partners, customers and each other with respect and dignity – always. We embrace what makes us unique as individuals and communities.


We are trusted partners.

We are honest, reliable and accountable. We care about protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of all people who rely on and deliver our services.


We are one team.

We work together connecting our partners, customers and communities to meaningful answers regardless of who they are of where they live, at every stage of life.


We lead the way.

We are curious and passionate about making a difference through innovation and excellence. We push boundaries and go above and beyond to strive for the best, every time.

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