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Our transfusion service is critical to the operation of emergency and in-patient care across NSW.

About our Transfusion Pathology service

Our Transfusion teams manage the safe supply, storage and release of donor blood and blood products from our hospital laboratory blood banks.

We help patients needing blood transfusions due to cancer, surgery, pregnancy and childbirth, anaemia, bleeding disorders, accident or trauma and more.

Service overview 

Our teams advise clinicians on which type of blood to give patients depending on their blood type.

We supply donor blood products to:

  • rural hospital networks
  • NSW Ambulance
  • rescue helicopters
  • other services.

We work with the Ambulance Aeromedical Control Centre (ACC) to ensure retrieval teams can carry blood to save patients with critical bleeding from car accidents to shark attacks, on the ground or in the air.

We review our blood stocks daily to minimise wastage and ensure safe, timely supply of products for patients.

Find out more

For more information on transfusions and blood banks, visit Australian Red Cross Lifeblood:

Visit Australian Red Cross Lifeblood
Staff Contact
A/Prof Mark Dean
A/Prof Mark Dean

Chair, NSWHP Transfusion Clinical Stream Senior Staff Specialist, Haematology NSWHP-North Gosford.

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NSW Health Pathology
NSW Health Pathology

Media Manager

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