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Illicit Drugs Analysis

Supporting the NSW justice system and protecting community health and safety.

About our Illicit Drugs Analysis service

Our Illicit Drug Analysis Unit supports the NSW Police Force, NSW Communities and Justice, NSW Health and the Australian Defence Force. It provides expert evidence in all areas of illicit drug manufacture, analytical processes and interpretation of results. It notifies NSW Health of potentially dangerous substances or dosages identified in seized drug material, protecting public health.

Service Overview

The Unit offers comprehensive testing, reporting and expert testimony on all aspects of illicit drug analysis, including rapid analysis for time-sensitive covert operations, submissions and drug importations.

NSW and Commonwealth legislation recognises our provision of expert analysis of and reporting on the detection of:

  • illicit drugs, including the more traditional cannabis, methylamphetamine, MDMA, other amphetamine-type substances, heroin, LSD and cocaine
  • new psychoactive substances
  • pharmaceuticals, including fake or counterfeit pharmaceuticals
  • performance and image-enhancing drugs, including steroids
  • precursors and chemicals used in the manufacture of illicit drugs and
  • the presence of other forensically-relevant chemicals.

We provide intelligence on trends in traditional drugs, the emergence of more sophisticated drugs, and the size and scale of seizures and clandestine operations.

Our specialists examine clandestine laboratory crime scene evidence and can provide scientific advice during assessment and processing.

We offer specialist botanical examination and identification of forensically-relevant plant material including cannabis, cannabis seed and other trace botanical material.

Our expert staff are up to date on the trends within the NSW illicit drug environment, providing training and presentations to the NSW Police Force (including overseas police) and the NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Staff Contact
Una Cullinan
Una Cullinan

Laboratory Manager

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