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Mrs. Susi Guinane

Mrs. Susi Guinane

Perinatal Post-Mortem Service Coordinator

Eora. Mrs. Susi Guinane

Susi Guinane has been work­ing in mid­wifery for 10 years with a spe­cial inter­est in peri­na­tal loss. Susi helped set up NSW Health’s peri­na­tal post-mortem ser­vice in 2018 and con­tin­ues coor­di­nat­ing the ser­vice as a Clin­i­cal Mid­wife Con­sul­tant. Susi is pas­sion­ate about mak­ing the process of peri­na­tal post-mortems more com­pas­sion­ate for fam­i­lies and as stream­lined as pos­si­ble for clin­i­cians. Susi believes edu­ca­tion and pub­lic aware­ness is the best pos­si­ble way to remove the silence sur­round­ing peri­na­tal loss.

Susi was award­ed the 2019 NSW Mid­wife of the Year award. She enjoys help­ing clin­i­cians bet­ter under­stand peri­na­tal post-mortems and is the con­tact for many fam­i­lies who have cho­sen a post-mortem for their baby.


Perinatal Postmortem


Perinatal Postmortem

Compassionate support and answers for families experiencing the death of a baby shortly after or before birth.

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