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Dr. Wieslawa Wielebinski

Dr. Wieslawa Wielebinski

Local Pathology Director

Wiradjuri. Dr. Wieslawa Wielebinski

Dr Wies­lawa Wielebin­s­ki is NSW Health Pathology’s Local Pathol­o­gy Direc­tor for the West­ern NSW and Far West Local Health Dis­tricts. Dr Wielebin­s­ki is respon­si­ble for ensur­ing the con­nect­ed­ness of pathol­o­gy with oth­er clin­i­cal ser­vices in the LHD. Dr Wielebin­s­ki is a gen­er­al­ist pathol­o­gist, skilled in mul­ti­ple areas of pathol­o­gy. She brings a wealth of expe­ri­ence to the posi­tion with over 40 years of work­ing in both pri­vate and pub­lic pathol­o­gy practice.


Anatomical Pathology Haematology


Anatomical Pathology

Our anatomical pathologists examine tissue and cells taken from patients to diagnose a wide variety of diseases, including cancer.


Our haematologists help diagnose and treat blood diseases and cancers.

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