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DNA Parentage Testing

Paternity and other relationship testing for family law matters, immigration, birth certificates and more

About our DNA Parentage Testing service

NSW Health Pathology’s Forensic and Analytical Science Service (FASS) provides fee-for-service parentage testing at its NATA-accredited laboratory at Lidcombe that is:

  • rapid
  • reliable and
  • confidential.

We’ve been accredited to perform parentage testing since 2018.

Our FASS DNA lab is certified to the highest ISO 17025 standard and is one of the most advanced forensic DNA processing facilities in Australasia.

We also offer specialised DNA testing for more challenging cases such as confirming extended family relationships and determining maternity and paternity from bones and human tissue.

Costs start at $AUD500 for alleged father/mother and 1 child with results provided in 7 working days from receipt of sample.

For paternity testing, the mother’s DNA is not essential but is recommended to increase the strength of the results. In such cases, the mother’s DNA is tested for no additional charge.

Tests Available Price
Father, mother and child $500
One parent and one child $500
Additional person within the case (e.g. 2nd child) $150
Delivery of additional kit (within Australia) $50 per kit
*Extended relationship testing Price upon application
*Medical samples such as tissue and/or bones Price upon application


*For challenging samples (such as tissue and bones) or extended relationship testing (such as grandparents/aunt/uncles) FASS can offer specialised DNA tests such as mitochondrial DNA or Y-STR testing. Mitochondrial DNA is passed from a mother to her child so is useful for testing maternal relationships. Y-STR testing targets the male specific Y chromosome and is useful for testing paternal relationships. A quote will be provided upon application. 

The first step is to contact our NSWHP FASS DNA laboratory to formally engage our service.

We’ll then send you the required sampling equipment and documentation.
DO NOT open the sample kits. Kits that are tampered with are rendered void and new ones will have to be sent to you at further cost.

Samples can be taken by your GP/nurse practitioner or an authorised collector.

You can also attend our NSWHP collection centre at North Shore Private Hospital, Sydney, that is authorised for the collection of DNA samples for immigration/family law purposes.

The centre is open from 8am-6pm from Monday to Friday. For appointments please call (02) 8425 3066.

Having trouble finding an authorised DNA pathology collector? Email us for advice.

Health care workers who collect pathology samples for DNA testing must be authorised to witness your signature according to the Statutory Declarations Regulations 2018 (see https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2018L01296).

A collector taking the sample is required to be either:
(a) a registered medical practitioner; OR
(b) employed by a hospital, a pathology clinic or a parentage testing practice for the purpose of taking a bodily sample from a donor.

Yes. It can take between 1.5-2 hrs to collect samples from 3 people given the documentation requirements.

You should let the receptionist know you are requesting DNA sampling for immigration/family law purposes, so they can give you a long appointment.

Take the package we sent you as well as 2 passport photos and identification for each person being sampled.

Acceptable identification documents are noted in the information provided with collection kits. The passport photos will be attached to your documents and will not be returned to you.

Follow the directions from the collector and sign your forms using your full name in front of the collector.

Your samples will be placed into secure, tamper-proof bags and sent to us in a reply-paid express postage pack.

No. The sample is taken by rubbing a soft swab around the inside of your mouth.

Reports are sent once payment is received

Provided the forms are filled out correctly, we generally have the results and report ready within 7 business days of receipt.

If you have a more urgent need for the results please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.

An invoice will be emailed to you shortly after you agree to your DNA test.

Payment options are outlined on the invoice and include electronic BPAY or credit card.

Please let the laboratory know when you have made your payment so there is no delay in sending out the report.

Yes. We will not disclose any information until you sign the form included with your letter of offer that gives us permission to securely share your confidential results with the requesting agency, for example Immigration.

All reports and supporting documentation are treated confidentially and sent directly to the agency that requested your DNA test.

You will receive the same report and documentation for your records.

No, but we have multilingual staff who are conversational in languages including Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic.

If you would like to speak to someone in your language, let us know and we can try to organise this.

As a part of our reporting process, we are required to calculate statistically the Relative Chance of Paternity. To do this we need to select the most appropriate racial database.

Yes. Blood transfusions or bone marrow transplants may cause you to have the donor’s DNA profile or a mixture of yours and your donor’s. This could lead to false results. Please disclose this medical information on your documentation when asked at your appointment.

No. Under the law, your DNA can only be used for parentage testing for immigration or family law reporting. Your sample will be retained by FASS for the sole purpose of repeat testing if required.

If you have any further questions, please email us.


To contact this service please email [email protected]

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