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NSW Health Pathology’s Strategic Plan – Toward 2025 commits us to:

  • Delivering future-focused infrastructure and strategic commissioning
  • Leading the implementation of eco-friendly, sustainable services and workplaces.

Environmental Sustainability Working Group (ESWG)

Our Finance and Corporate Services director Paul Dunn and executive assistant Virginia Keeley lead this important working group.

It’s developing a NSWHP Environmental Sustainability Program and will lead initiatives designed to reduce our environmental impact across our statewide operations.

Sustainability Champion Working Group (SCWG)

We envisage a future where our people work together across the state to brainstorm, develop, implement and manage a diverse range of sustainability projects.

The SCWG has been created to support this vision, and already our volunteers are:

  • Identifying environmental issues across our organisation
  • Solving local issues through brainstorming and collaboration
  • Following through with action.

The broad goal is to be able to pilot ideas and initiatives at individual labs, before moving them through to statewide solutions with much greater impact.

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