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Mr Geoffrey Channells

Mr Geoffrey Channells

Planning Manager

Darkinjung. Mr Geoffrey Channells

Geoff has worked in both pub­lic and pri­vate pathol­o­gy for 28 years. He has a wealth of oper­a­tional expe­ri­ence and lab­o­ra­to­ry rede­vel­op­ment knowl­edge and can assist with the many aspects of ser­vice and facil­i­ty plan­ning includ­ing Cap­i­tal Invest­ment Pro­pos­als. He can help with schemat­ic detailed lab design, bench­mark­ing oth­er labs to inform lab design, and func­tion­al design briefs.


Corporate & Support Services Strategy & Transformation


Corporate & Support Services

Supports delivery of efficient, effective and transparent services. Includes legal, risk management, internal audit, policy, privacy, records management and GIPA (freedom of information) functions.

Strategy & Transformation

Sets strategic direction and drives service transformation to meet the evolving needs of patients and partners in healthcare. Responsible for planning, performance and innovation, and operational management of genomics, point of care testing and six clinical streams.

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