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Fusion Program and the Single Digital Patient Record

Fusion is a statewide program delivering initiatives that will modernise and standardise NSW Health Pathology’s technologies, processes and workflows, to help us work as a truly connected statewide service.

It’s our most significant transformation program to date and will improve service delivery and patient care across NSW for decades to come.

Fusion will include a new statewide laboratory information management system (LIMS), an integral part of NSW Health’s Single Digital Patient Record (SDPR) program.

SDPR will bring together a person’s NSW Health medical records, including their pathology results, that clinicians can access in real-time from anywhere in NSW.

This will mean, for example, that if someone from Lismore needs urgent hospital care in Broken Hill, the local doctors will have immediate access to their medical history and diagnostic results so they can make fast, informed decisions about their care. This will transform patient care, outcomes and experiences right across the state.

The new digital system will also enhance important digital integrations between NSW Health Pathology’s Forensic and Analytical Science Service, NSW Police and the Coroner as well as across our statewide pathology network to help improve timeliness, informed decision making and outcomes for the justice system.

NSW Health Pathology’s Fusion program will:

  • better connect the broader NSW Health system with our pathology services
  • give patients confidence and certainty that treating teams can access their pathology results no matter where they are in NSW
  • improve the way clinicians order pathology tests and receive patient results
  • let our staff focus on essential patient care and other core work by simplifying and standardising work processes
  • improve data access for our police and justice partners.

Working with eHealth and Epic

NSW Health Pathology and eHealth NSW are working with world leading technology provider Epic to design, build and implement the single digital patient record.

The modern, integrated system will include a single electronic medical record (eMR), one public administration system (PAS) and our single statewide pathology laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Currently there are nine systems used for electronic medical records, 10 patient administration systems and five pathology laboratory information manage systems in use across NSW Health.

We will keep consulting with our expert staff, hospital staff and the public to understand their needs so we can work with Epic to design new, fit-for-purpose solutions that will serve NSW communities for many years to come.

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