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Research Access Requests

NSW Health Pathology’s process for accessing biospecimens, data and/or research services requires the completion of the Access Request form (Research Application).

Research Access Request form

Complete a Research Access Request form to access:

  • biospecimens (tissue, blood, cells, urine, DNA/RNA or protein)
  • data and/or
  • research services (i.e. sample collection and/or pathology/forensic testing).

If the research project is not being carried out in a NSWHP facility but needs access to NSWHP biospecimens, data, collecting or testing services, you will need to complete an access request application.

The Access Request form will be processed by our local clinical trial/research coordinators who might provide you with a quote if we are able to offer the requested research services. All access requests need to be internally reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.

Collaborative research projects 

For collaborative research projects where NSWHP staff are listed as investigators, NSWHP needs to be added as a site in REGIS. This will generate a site-specific assessment for NSWHP.

If you would like to discuss a potential research collaboration, please connect with our Research Office.

Completing the Access Request form

The Coordinating Principal Investigator (or delegate) responsible for the project must complete the Access Request form.

Examples of research projects that require completion of the Access Request form include projects that involve one or more of the following:

  • accessing data or tissue held by NSWHP
  • accessing NSWHP services for research projects (i.e. processing and analysing data or tissues)
  • recruiting participants via posters, leaflets and letters of invitation (but not via direct contact with potential participants or
  • enrolment), and/or
  • distributing surveys and questionnaires to NSWHP staff (but not collating and analysing responses by NSWHP).

Only one Access Request form is required per project or study. It is not necessary to complete a form for each individual facility, location or service within NSW Health Pathology.

Please complete all relevant questions.

If you are unsure about what is required, contact the Research Office.

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