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LGBTQIA+ health and inclusion

We're working to ensure LGBTQIA+ people (people with diverse genders and sexualities) have equal health outcomes and safe, respectful pathology services. We're also ensuring that our staff with diverse genders and sexualities feel they’re safe and belong in our workplace and are treated fairly and inclusively.

We're putting the NSW LGBTIQ+ Health Strategy 2022-2027 into action by changing our culture to create more inclusive services for people with diverse genders and sexualities by:

  • Educating our staff about simple things we can all do – like using appropriate verbal and written communication – to ensure people with diverse genders and sexualities feel comfortable and respected in our care and workplaces.
  • Reviewing and updating our internal systems and policies to increase equity, remove barriers and support inclusion and wellbeing.
  • Working in collaboration our LGBTQIA+ staff to further improve our workplace culture and enhance their sense of safety and belonging.
  • Enhancing our laboratory and information systems to more accurately capture information and respect people’s chosen names, pronouns and gender.

It starts with our staff

We educate our staff and provide them with awareness resources on LGBTQ+ health and inclusion. This gives foundational knowledge on LGBTQ people and communities, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and bodies.

We also provide trans-affirming practice training to equip staff with the awareness, skills and confidence to be more trans-affirming in their day-to-day work. It introduces staff to these communities and gives foundational knowledge on working with trans and non-binary people. The education shows how appropriate verbal and written communication can make people with diverse genders and sexualities feel safe, welcome and respected in our care.

ACON, a peak community organisation which has been educating, advocating, and representing the needs of LGBTQ people for more than 40 years, is our chosen training provider.

Need to talk?

If you need to talk, there’s someone to listen. ACON’s Transhub has a published list of support services that affirms your gender while providing crisis support and mental health care. See the list online.

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